Janelle Suckley
Janelle Suckley


I'm so glad you found me! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Janelle, the founder of It's Catnip Wishes & Cookie Dreams. I'm a certified veterinary professional and the perfect stranger you didn't know you needed to watch your pet while you're away. Tap the button below to schedule a call and see if we're a fit.

I’m a Fantastic House Guest

I will not order pay-per-view, leave all the lights on, flush the toilet for fun, or eat all your Milano cookies while you're away. It will remain exactly how it was.

Excellent Standard of Care

Welcome to an industry that's completely unregulated. That's why I'm setting the bar on creating excellent care for the furry loves of your life.

Love of Animals

I've wanted to work with animals since I was very young and now I'm honored to be running a business doing what I love.

Certified Veterinary Professional

Who would you rather have home with your pet? Someone professionally certified and educated to support them or your best friend's cousin's little sister (who isn't vet-certified)?

Free Catnip & Cookies

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Duke DeVilling

Janelle has been watching our dogs for several years now. Highly recommended!

Your pets are in excellent hands!

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