Payment & Cancellations

Pet Sitting, Drop-Ins, or Dog Walking

Payment for regular dog walking or cat sitting services will need to be paid prior to or up to 3 days after services have been completed. The payment option will be agreed on prior to the pet sitting service between Catnip Wishes & Cookie Dreams and the client.

Rates, Fees & Deposits

Current rates are listed on our website.

  • Deposit: 50% non-refundable deposit required at the time of booking to hold the spot and the remaining 50% due the day the boarding starts or earlier.
  • Cancellation Policy: 50% deposit returned if canceled within 14 days, 25% if canceled within 7 days.
  • Returned Check Charge: $35 will be charged for all returned checks.


General Pet Sitting (Cat & Dog Sitting)

During the “Meet and Greet” time, I will need to be shown all the areas of food/water, treats, litter box(es), medications, leashes, harnesses, etc. so that I know where to find them all. I highly recommend that clients leave a detailed note of any important information (bathroom break times, food choices, allergies, medications, etc), as well as, leaving out the amount of food, extra litter, dog bags, and any medical equipment (syringes, Pill Pockets, sharps disposal) needed for the visits on a counter or visible area. All pets must provide proof of rabies vaccinations.


Pet Sitting (Overnight Care)

During the time I am staying at your house for pet sitting, your pet will be allowed to roam free around the house and backyard (where applicable) and will have a minimum of at least 3 bathroom breaks throughout the day. While I provide my own food, toiletries, and other necessities, I do ask that you provide clean sheets, wi-fi access, and a few bathroom towels. During and at the end of each stay, I provide light cleaning around the house and focus on high touch areas. Trash and recycling will be disposed of before leaving and put out for garbage days (when needed). Mail and packages will be brought in on a daily basis. Doors will be locked and lights/curtains will be changed throughout the time I am staying at your house. No guests besides myself will be staying at your house during the time I am there.


Dog Walking

Please plan to provide the leash, collar, and/or harness you would prefer to use while your dog is out for a walk. An ID tag for your pet with the pet's name, phone number, and address is strongly recommended. It is also helpful to leave a towel out for rainy days. All pets must be up to date on rabies & distemper vaccinations in order to be taken into public areas. It is strongly recommended that your pet is given regular heartworm preventatives along with flea & tick preventatives. Catnip Wishes & Cookie Dreams is not responsible for any illnesses or injuries incurred on walks in the absence of gross negligence. Keeping your dogs happy, healthy & safe is my priority!



If there is an emergency, the client will be contacted immediately so that Catnip Wishes & Cookie Dreams can take the appropriate actions necessary to ensure the safety and health of your pet. As stated in the consent form, if for any reason the client and their emergency contacts cannot be reached in a timely manner, Catnip Wishes & Cookie Dreams reserves the right to transport your pet to their veterinarian or to an emergency room (Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital, Bulger Animal Hospital or Angell Memorial Hospital) to seek veterinary care. Catnip Wishes & Cookie Dreams will follow the advice of the medical professionals to make decisions for your pet that would result in the best possible outcome for their health and well-being.


Weather Conditions

Weather Planning

There are a few cases where dog walking is considered unsafe for your pets and for their pet care provider. There may be situations where the roads are deemed unsafe to travel and/or where there is limited walking space for pedestrians.  In weather conditions where the temperature is below freezing, or when the roads are unsafe for pedestrians, Catnip Wishes & Cookie Dreams reserves the right to offer a bathroom break to the pet, and then indoor playtime for the scheduled visit at the agreed-upon fee.  I do not want any of the pets under my care to suffer from frostbite or to be subject to dangerous traffic, and I thank you for your understanding.


Cold Weather

If you are on vacation during a snowstorm with over 3 inches of snow, please plan to have a person designated to plow your driveway so there is access to the home.  Please also designate a neighbor who would be willing to come to visit the home if a driving ban is issued and Catnip Wishes & Cookie Dreams is unable to safely travel to your home. I will plan to make all arrangements needed with neighbors and your emergency contact personnel to ensure that your pet is cared for if I am unable to be there for any reason. If inclement weather is known in advance, I will make sure your cat has enough food/water and a clean litter box in the event I wouldn't be able to make the evening/next morning’s visit.


Hot Weather

In temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, a close eye will be kept on your pet during walks to make sure they are not overheating and their access to the hot pavement will also be limited. During the hot weather days, I will do early morning walks and sunset walks to ensure that your pet gets in their needed walks and also stays cool and safe. During midday and afternoon times, walks will be limited to short breaks to ensure safety for your pet.


Outdoor Pets

If you have a cat or other pet that is allowed outdoors unsupervised during the day, please know that during the time I am visiting, your pet will be kept inside unless under direct supervision. Since I cannot control outside circumstances (cars, coyotes, etc…), it is in the best interest of your pet to be kept indoors.  I want to make sure that when you come home, your pets are happy, healthy, and safe!



If you have scheduled your pet to be transported to an outdoor adventure, grooming, pre-planned veterinary appointment, or for any other purpose, please be sure to notify Catnip Wishes & Cookie Dreams to make any appropriate arrangements for safe travel.  Some dogs enjoy sticking their head out the car window during travel, however, to maintain safety measures, all windows in the back of the car will remain shut with the child-safety lock on, and appropriate temperatures will be maintained inside the car.

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